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The teachers in Talladega County's 21st Century Learners Initiative have much to say about how students have been impacted by their learning.

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Sample Student Work

Sharon Wright's Students, Fayetteville High School
While studying persuasive writing, students formed groups and drew different products or business names from a "hat." They worked together to create a radio commercial that would persuade the listener to use a certain product or shop at a certain business. allows individuals to create free podcasts. One option is to use a phone to record your podcast. My students used my cell phone or their own (if they had one) to record their commercials. The commercials were posted on our account and on my wikispace. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the creative, and sometimes very funny, commericals. This was certainly a more interesting way of approaching effective persuasive writing. Click to the right to listen to a sample commercial from this lesson.

Robbie Stewart's Students, Fayetteville High School
Record all screen and audio activity on your computer by using the free download CamStudio. Following are just a few ways to use CamStudio: create demos for any software programs, create video tutorials for school or business, create video based information on products you sell, and record new tricks and techniques. Students in my Integrated Computer Technology class used CamStudio to create tutorials on how to use the various Microsoft Applications and Web 2.0 tools. Using CamStudio can help students prepare for the business world as they can access and evaluate information through the tutorials, use and manage the information, analyze the media that is presented, create media products, and apply technology effectively by using it as a tool to communicate information. I am linking you to a page on my wikispace where I embedded my students' work samples.

Shelly Garner's Student, Sycamore Elementary

Ms. Garner's kindergarten class uses Voki for their "All About Me" project. Click to listen to this example.